―Alberto's last words before Tony shot him in the head, killing him.

Alberto, (also known as The Shadow) is one of Alejandro Sosa's top capos, and one of his professional assassins as he stated that Alberto was an "expert in the disposal business".

Alberto was first seen by Sosa's side while Sosa shows Omar Suarez and Tony Montana around his drug factory, later at Sosa's Mansion, Alberto informed Sosa that Omar was a past police informant in New York, which causes Sosa to have Omar executed.

As Alberto could only speak Spanish, Sosa later requested Tony to assist Alberto in doing a job in New York, to assassinate a journalist who has information on the illegal activities of Sosa and his associates in return for evading three years of imprisonment due to tax evasion. After they arrived in New York, Alberto posed as a mechanic and planted a bomb under the journalist's car. The next day, Alberto with Tony, Ernie and Chi-Chi followed the journalist to his hotel where he left in the car with his wife and two children. Tony becomes more nervous as he is afraid of killing innocent people, especially women and children, a fact that was of no concern to Alberto. Tony loses his temper and shoots Alberto in the head before he could detonate the bomb.