Alejandro Sosa
Background information
Appearances Scarface (film)
Scarface - The World is Yours
Portrayed by Paul Shenar
Character information
Status Alive (film)
Deceased (game)
Gender Male
Occupation Drug Lord
Country of Origins 125px-Flag of Bolivia (state).svg Bolivia
Affiliation Bolivian Cartel

Alejandro "Alex" Sosa is a Bolivian drug lord (leading the Bolivian Cartel). Sosa is called Alex by Tony Montana and Gaspar Gomez, which fans have used for him as a nickname. He serves as Tony's chief nemesis and the main villain antagonist of the film and the game. Sosa is arguably one of the most if not most powerful cocaine kingpins in South America, It is also likely that he manages the largest drug plantation in Bolivia. Sosa's empire is so broad that not even the Colombians have dared attack it, although they are powerful rivals in the trade, and Sosa expresses concern that they may get so bold in the future they may go to war against him.


Early Life

Alejandro Sosa was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the capital of Bolivia in 1933. His father was also a drug lord. Although Sosa's father's became wealthy from cocaine, his operation was still small-scale, accomplishing nowhere near what his son would later expand into. Sosa left Bolivia at the age of 12 and attended school in London, England where he gained fluent knowledge of English. He stayed there for 10 years and returned to Bolivia after he completed college graduation. He then used his inherited funds to start a plantation that cultivates coca, as well as a factory to refine the coca into cocaine for export. The United States consumes approximately 60% of the world's cocaine, making it a huge market for Sosa. However, he has the dual problem of heavy competition from the Colombian cartels, as well as the US Navy, who have a stronghold over the Caribbean Basin. To help surpass both these problems, Sosa tries to establish connections with American drug dealers. In doing so, he meets with two employees of Frank Lopez, Omar Suarez and Tony Montana. It is clear Sosa thinks poorly of the Lopez Cartel, as he listens intently to Tony's proposal. When Omar protests, Sosa feigns agreement with him, saying Tony is too junior to be making deals, and seemingly rejects the idea, sending Omar away. However, Sosa tells Tony he agrees to the deal of cocaine by the ton, and orders his henchman the Skull to lynch Omar, which is shown to Tony. Although this will greatly increase Tony's status and wealth as he always sought, Sosa warns Tony not to backstab him.


Later, Tony runs into trouble with tax evasion, and faces up to three years in prison. Sosa invites Tony back to his large mansion complex and explains to Tony that he has a similar problem. A Bolivian journalist who has been reporting on corrupt Bolivian government officials and flag officers has been troubling Sosa and his entire drug operation in Bolivia. Knowing that the journalist will inevitably expose him, he requests Tony to escort one of his men to New York City in order to supervise the assassination of the reporter, who is due to give a speech at the United Nations. In exchange, Sosa will take advantage of his connections in the U.S. government to guarantee a light punishment that only included back taxes and fine but no jail time for Tony's upcoming trial with the United States Tax Court.

Planting a car bomb, Tony and the hitman tail the car with a remote-controlled detonator. They are surprised to see the man's wife and two children enter the car with him. Tony, now extremely reluctant to continue with the hit, becomes increasingly agitated with the hitman, until he completely snaps. Tony then murders the hitman who was supposed to kill the journalist.

Then the war between Sosa and Tony starts, and the end of the Montana cartel begins.

Order To Kill

Sosa berates Tony over the telephone for failing to follow through with the hit, revealing that the bomb has been found and that the journalist now has "security up the ass," making it impossible for them to attempt another hit. However, the drug-addicted Tony defiantly states that he will willingly go to a war against Sosa. In revenge for the sabotage, Sosa sent huge hit-squad to sneak into Tony's mansion that very night. They murder Tony, as well as all his armed guards in a bloody shootout. Sosa's fate at the end of the film was unknown.


In Scarface - The World is Yours, Sosa allies himself with Gaspar Gomez and George Sheffield, Tony's corrupt lawyer. Sosa makes multiple calls to Tony though the game, indicating that despite his efforts, Tony will get nowhere.

During one of multiple meetings in his mansion, Tony attacks. He shoots his way through Sosa's men, killing Sheffield and Gomez as well. He confronts Sosa in his living room, a location featured in the movie. There, Tony is dead set on killing Sosa, which Sosa retorts "I told you not to fuck me, and you did Tony!" There, Tony rebuffs him with the previous experience about his reluctance to assassinate the journalist. Sosa then says that in order to ship 400 kilos of drugs a month, killing children is necessary to achieve that objective. There, Sosa is shot by Montana and left slumped in his sofa, ending his reign of terror for good.


  • "I only tell you once. Don't fuck me, Tony. Don't you ever try to fuck me."
  • "Alberto is an expert in the disposal business."
  • [after Tony assures him] I think you speak from the heart, Montana. So I say to myself, this Lopez, your boss, he had chivatos like that working for him, his judgment stinks.
  • Sosa: Tony what happened?
    Montana: Aww, Alex, we had some problems you know, your man he wouldn't listen to me so I had to cancel his fucking contract.
  • I told you a long time ago, you fucking little monkey, not to FUCK ME!

Behind the scenes

  • Alejandro Sosa was portrayed by the late Paul Shenar in 1983's Scarface. Shenar passed away on October 11, 1989. Sosa was voiced by Robert Davi in the 2006 video game Scarface - The World is Yours.
    • Sosa was also the second and final villain that Shenar played during his career. He previously voiced Jenner the Rat in Don Bluth's The Secret of NIMH.
  • Alejandro Sosa was based on the late Bolivian 'King of Cocaine' Roberto Suárez Goméz.
  • In 2001, Cuban American rapper Cuban Link and Brian De Palma started the development of a Scarface sequel entitled Son of Tony. As the title said, the plot was supposed to told the adventures of Tony Montana's secret son to avenge his father and recover his business. It's unknown if Sosa would have returned in the film as an antagonist or he would have not appeared. However, the project was cancelled and the film was never released.
  • In the comic book of Scarface that was a pseudosequel to the movie, it details that Sosa had revitalized a dirt-poor Bolivian village (in a manner similar to Pablo Escobar) by making it a hub for his cocaine network and giving employment to all the villagers. In gratitude, the village holds an annual parade to honor Sosa. Tony travels to Bolivia and manages to assassinate Sosa during this parade when his guard is down. However, it's also shown Sosa married Elvira, which causes problems as Elvira was torn between her new husband and her latent feelings for Tony.
  • Alejandro Sosa served as the inspiration of the character Sonny Forelli of the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Both were the bosses of the protagonist, but at the end, the protagonists betrayed them, so they send their henchmen to kill the protagonist. However, there are some differences between them like their nationalities and their reasons for killing the protagonist. Also, the most notable difference is that Forelli arrived at Tommy Vercetti's mansion to kill him along his henchmen and was killed in the process, while Sosa survived due the fact that he only send his minions and stayed in Bolivia.
  • In Scarface - The World is Yours, in the mission Kill Sosa, Sosa only can be killed by Tony Montana with a AK-47. If Tony even uses a Bazooka, Sosa will strangely survive the explosion.
  • Sosa has a wife who is 6 month pregnant.



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