The Ambassador is a classic car and an exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours



Exotic Level
Reputation Level 4
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
4-door Limo
Appears in Traffic?


The Ambassador is designed as a classic limo, and is based on the Bentley S-Type. It is very luxurious, but unlike the Stretch Limo, it can't teleport Tony to hist fronts.

Tony owns a Bentley S-Type in the movie, it can be seen when he comes back from New York and when he is searching for Gina to take her back to the Mansion.

Mission Appearances

The Ambassador appears in the first mission of the game (Mansion Shootout) and the player is objected to get to the limo in 2 minutes before the MPD and S.W.A.T come to kill Tony. At the near end of the mission, Tony is seen successfully escaping into the Ambassador, despite being terribly wounded, and drives off. Strangely, the car doesn't make any more appearance in game until the player completes the O'Grady's Liquor Store mission, despite it should suppose to be available at the start of the game.


The Ambassador is slow and very heavy, having underwhelming acceleration, but above-average top speed. It commonly fishtails, but it makes up for its durability, being able to take on multiple gunfights and crashes.

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