"Come on, make way for the bad guy"
―Mission description
In Scarface: The World is Yours, Angel Dust Donuts is a buyable front located in North Beach, Miami.


Angel Dust Donuts, as its name suggests, is a small donut shop near the highway. Tony wants this place as a front to distribute cocaine.

When Tony discovers this place, its manager David Paredes tells Tony that cops often come to extort for free donuts and coffee. He tells Tony that if he can get them to leave, he will sell the place. Tony irritates the cops by stealing one of the police cars parked outside, initiating a high speed chase. Tony manages to outmaneuver the cops, inflicting heavy police casualties: some police cars hit the gas pump and explode, while others fall into a river.

As the police problem has been taken care of, out of gratitude, the manager agrees to sell the donut shop for $200,000 to Tony.

Mission reward

  • Reputation: +75,462
  • Balls: +66


"Angel Dust" is a slang for PCP, a type of hallucinative hard drug.

Mission Walkthrough video

Mission 28 - Angel Dust Donut Shop

Mission 28 - Angel Dust Donut Shop

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