Sosa Troop
Background information
Appearances Scarface (1983 film), Scarface - The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Killer, gangster, drugie
Country of Origins Colombian flag Colombia
Affiliation Bolivian Cartel

"Our Goddess is what we have to sell."
―Sosa Troop to Tony

Sosa Troop is a minor character in the game Scarface - The World Is Yours, and in the movie Scarface (1983 film).


Not much is known of this hombre's background, except that he is a serious druggie and the most dangerous member of Bolivian Cartel.


In the film, he is the gangster who just runs in Tony's mansion and is quickly killed by Tony with his Assault Rifle. In the game he is seen in the first mission, where he is killed by Tony after his mansion was burned down. He later appeared again as a common enemy during the Mansion Shootout, he can also be seen shooting at the S.W.A.T at the end of the mission. He can be found in The Islands along with other Sosa's troops, however he will attack Tony if he has high gang heat. The player can talk to him if he's got low gang heat, he can be found in the burned down house in the middle of the Lobster Cay and can be talked too. He can also be seen as one of Sosa's guards guarding him in the mission "Kill Sosa", along with Sheffield's guards.


"On the night at the water, I sing to the mermaids."-Sosa Troop

"You hear those voices?"-Troop to Tony

"I'll cut your heart out!"-Sosa Troop if bumped into

"I cannot shit on the water."-Troop

"No, no lo hagas!"-Troop before executed

"Vamos que poco conejo, corre!"-Troop when shooting at Tony

"Vamos, cabron!"-Sosa Troop when attacking Tony

"If we see the policia, we shoot until everybody is dead."-Troop to Tony

"The policia is afraid of sharks, eh?"-Sosa troop

"Que pasa, man!?"-Sosa troop to another cartel member if he fails to kill Tony


  • He attacks Tony with AK-47 or MAC-10.
  • He also seems to suffer from schizophrenia, as he says the voices in his head, the mermaids and fishes keep telling him what to do, but he still seems to be capable of acting like normal, however.
    • He along with El Ocho, are two known characters in the game to suffer from a mental disease.
  • He is one of the few gangsters to completely change voice when attacking Tony and when talking.
  • He is also very eager to beg for mercy, for example, he mostly even if Tony is seriously injured, gets on his knees and begs. He also shouts out quotes like "no me hagas daño" (don't hurt me) and similar.
  • He also says he used to sniff cocaine when he was just a kid.
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