Ariel MK III


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 6
Reputation Points
Driver Only
Vehicle Type
Racing Car
Appears in Traffic?

The Ariel MK III is a race car and an Exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours


The Ariel MK III is a racing car based on a Ferrari D50. As it's a race car, it only fits Tony. It's also the smallest vehicle in the game and it can easily drive on almost every alleyway, the "trunk" is also on the right side rather than in the back.


As expected, the Ariel MK III is the fastest vehicle in the game and has the fastest acceleration too, thanks to its powerful engine and its incredible light weight. The handling is very nimble and it has a small turning radius. However, it is the least durable vehicle in the game, just a few collisions will wreck the car, and the insurance is not low, so care must be taken before driving this vehicle.


  • Even though it's a racing car, Tony still holds the steering wheel with only one hand while driving this car, which is very dangerous.
  • The cheat code for this car is OLDFAST


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