The Babylon Club, also known as The Babylon is a large supper night club in Scarface and in The World Is Yours. There has been three gunfights there, one in the movie and two in the game.

In the film, Tony survives an assassination attempt by two colombian gunmen sent by Frank Lopez.

In the game, Tony survives a shootout that the Diaz Brothers set up. Later, he protects a VIP who manages the club's accounts from hitmen who want him dead.

The Babylon Club can be bought for $1,000,000, which serves as a front.

Mission rewardEdit

  • Reputation: +55,344
  • Balls: +1,336
  • Total cash: +250,000


Mission Walkthrough videoEdit

Mission 14 - The Babylon Club

Mission 14 - The Babylon Club


  • Tony can dance at this club by pressing L1 on the dance floor, this is unique to this club.
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