Rate of fire
Reload speed
Ammo capacity
Four rockets (standard)
Upgrades available
"Things will go "Boom""
 The Bazooka is a heavy explosive launcher found in Scarface: The World Is Yours.

In Scarface: The World Is Yours

In the game the Bazooka is a powerful explosive launcher that can't be used until pretty late in the storyline, though it's first seen during the mansion shootout, where an enemy wields one and destroyes several parts of the building, forcing Tony to take the long way around the mansion's grounds to get to his car. It is only rarely used by enemies, but those with one pose a large threat. Arms dealers can sell this weapon for $3,000 and like with other explosive launchers, it has no mods. The powerful explosive shells make this a great anti-vehicle weapon, it also performs well against groups of enemies. It is also used in the final mission by Gaspar Gomez, though he won't shoot, instead, he will be killed and Tony will take the Bazooka for himself in order to break Sosa's main door.

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