The Bolivian Cartel, also known as The Sosa Cartel (less formally also known as Sosa's Army, due to its size), is a powerful drug cartel based in Bolivia. Apparently founded by Mr Sosa, the cartels main drug they profited from was cocaine. Eventually, the cartel was taken over by his son Alejandro Sosa, who became one of the most powerful drug lords in the world, having large connections with the Bolivian Government, their military and even the US Government.

Scarface 1983[]

At the start of the movie, Tony and Sosa become business partners after a business meeting at Sosa's Cochabamba mansion. During that meeting, Sosa deduced that Omar Suarez was an informant for the police in the past, and he had his men torture him before hanging him from a flying helicopter while Sosa and Montana watched with binoculars.

The World is Yours[]

The Bolivian Cartel are the main antagonist faction in the game. They appear early in the game already, in the first mission, lead by The Skull and are ordered to kill Antonio Montana by any means necessary and destroy his empire. However, Montana saw the Skull coming and killed most of Sosa's men, with little to no help from his henchmen, before escaping from his mansion in an Ambassador.

The Bolivian Cartel are not encountered in the game until The Islands have been unlocked, where they control most of the locations. The Islands (plus the sea) are actually swarming with Sosa's men, as they have Mojaves with SAW operators on them at the end of every road or around every bushy corner, while they also have Rambo-styled Attack Boats in the oceans and choppers in the sky. Regardless of Montana's gang heat, they will always attack him there on spot and attempt to kill him. They also own an underground cave with an army submarine on Black Sands and also every small island in vicinity. The only two locations where the Cartel acts non-hostile (depending on Tony's gang heat) is behind the bank on Lobster Cay and in the middle of said island where a broken-down building with a garage is located. Tony can talk to the gang members there.

They appear as enemies in North Beach when Tony attempts to take over Coco's Lounge and Disco, and will even kill Penelope should Tony fail to stop them in time. Likewise, they may also appear as enemies in some of Felix's leads in Miami, depending on the player's reputation.

The Bolivian Cartel appear as enemies in The Sandman's missions after Tony takes control of Nacho's Tanker and kills Nacho Contreras. Notably, they must be stopped before they destroy a drug factory and all of its workers on Tranquilandia.

During the last mission in the game, "Kill Sosa", Montana faces off against members of the Bolivian cartel, Sheffield Cartel and Sosa's elite guards (who wear white outfits) where he kills them all.

Despite this, the Bolivian Cartel continues to operate as they did before, on the Islands and in Felix's leads in Miami.

Payday 2: Scarface[]

Years later, The Bolivian cartel has expanded into Miami, and sosa’s nephew Ernesto has apparently become the new boss. Operating out of Tony Montana’s old mansion.


  • Alejandro Sosa - Don
  • Ernesto Sosa - Capo (possible Underboss)
  • Alberto - Capo
  • The Skull - Capo
  • Juan - Soldier
  • Jose - Soldier
  • Julio - Soldier
  • Gregorio - Soldier
  • Jorge - Soldier
  • Unnamed Bodyguard - Soldier
  • Paul Arturo - Soldier (Mansion only)
  • Eduardo - Soldier (Mansion only)
  • Simon - Soldier (Mansion only)
  • Manny - Soldier (Mansion only)
  • Three Factory Guards - Soldiers
  • The "Death Squad" - Soldiers


Fronts and Properties[]


  • Even though the Ortega Cartel also occupies the Islands, their numbers pale compared to the Bolivian Cartel. The two gangs appear to be in some sort of an alliance, as both will attack Tony Montana, even if they are within each other's sight.
  • There is an island located just south of Tranquilandia, which spawns an infinite number of Sosa's men after a while armed with M-79's which drop a lot of money and drugs when killed. Ideally, this is the easiest way to acquire money and drugs to then sell in Miami.
  • Despite Alejandro Sosa being Bolivian, most of his soldiers appear to be Colombians.
  • Although not confirmed in the game, it is assumed that after Sosa's death, the cartel was lead by his nephew, Ernesto Sosa, which could explain why the cartel still operates even after the player completes the entire game.