Exotic Level
Reputation Level 4
Reputation Points
2 (driver and passenger)
Vehicle Type
Armored Van
Appears in Traffic?

The Brahma is an armored van and an exotic in Scarface - The World is Yours.


The Brahma is an armored, bulletproof van that appears in Scarface. The vehicle is huge, heavy and powerful. It always appears painted white and black and is fitted with a bullbar on the front. It is based on the International Harvester 4000 series.

It is easier to find this van in Downtown, since it rarely spawns in other districts of Miami.


As expected, the van is very heavy and slow, but it's powerful. The truck's engine provides average acceleration, but poor top speed, its handling is also very heavy, which is somewhat common for a armored truck. Its best trait is its durability, the van is completely bulletproof, it's immune to enemies that carry even a SAW, it can even withstand Missiles, however, it is not completely indestructible, as a few explosions can blow this vehicle up, and if you raise your wanted level to "You are fucked", the police will destroy the vehicle.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The Brahma is prominently featured in the mission Gaspar Gomez, when Tony has to steal the armored van from Gaspar and take it to the bank, he gets $50,000 from the van.


  • The name "Brahma" may come from Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. 


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