"I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing! (...) It looks like somebody's nightmare!"
Elvira Hancock
Cadillac Eldorado

Tony's cadillac

Exotic Level
Reputation Level 1
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Appears in Traffic?

  The Cadillac Eldorado (known as QM Convertible in the game) is Tony's first personal vehicle both in the movie and in the game, it costs free from the start of the game. 


Tony's Cadillac is a vehicle that he bought in Miami after some days, he is seen driving this car with Manny at night, he is also seen parking and showing this car to Elvira, who did not like the car and claims it "looks like somebody's nightmare". Tony's car features a tiger skin seats and a yellow paintjob in the game, Tony has this car from the start of the game after losing all his money, both the price and the insurance are free.

The civilian car spawns in Miami, in South Beach only and also in The Islands, and it does not have tiger skin seats.


Tony's Cadillac is quite slow and heavy, it also has a heavy handling, but the brakes are very good, the car is not a fast car nor a good choice to race, but as the insurance is free, it's a good option to cruise without a hurry around Miami, it's also fairly durable against bullets and crashes.


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