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"Great for cutting down trees and your way out of a deal gone wrong"

The chainsaw is tool used in real life to cut wood. Scarface contributed toward making it a pop culture icon, where it is commonly used as a melee weapon.

In the movieEdit

In the film a Chainsaw is used by Hector to kill Angel Fernández during a failed drug deal at the Sun Ray Hotel.

In the gameEdit

In Scarface: The World Is Yours the chainsaw is used by Tony to kill the Diaz brothers and much of their gang at Diaz Motors, in revenge for his mother's assassination, and can later be purchased from an arms dealer for $400. Its the most effective of all melee weapons and is always a one hit kill, even when being used against Tony or his henchmen, which means the player shouldn't let chainsaw armed enemies aproach them in any circumstance. When equiped it makes a distinctive sound that helps locate enemies holding them. They become rather common on the streets of Miami toward the end of the game, and are also used by some enemies on the islands.


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