Charles Goodson
Background information
Appearances Scarface
Portrayed by Gregg Henry
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
Country of Origins USA
Affiliation Alejandro Sosa

Charles Goodson is a character featured in Scarface.


Charles Goodson dresses like the Washington man that he is. A no-nonsense light grey suit is finished with a patriotic red, white, and navy tie. He is an American that is working for drug lord Alejandro Sosa. He is present when Sosa informs Tony he has to go to New York to kill Matos Gutierrez, a Bolivian journalist that is trying to expose them. In exchange, Sosa was going to call in favors from the US government to lighten the impact of Tony's forthcoming trail for tax evasion. It is assumed Goodson was going to help Sosa accomplish this, as he is the only American present.


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