The Chevrolet Step Van is a multi-stop truck in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Chevrolet Step Van


Driver and Passenger (civilian)
Driver and three Passengers (police)
Vehicle Type
Multi-Stop Truck
Appears in the Traffic?


Like the Volkswagen Cabriolet and the Honda Accord, the Chevrolet Step Van has no official name, therefore it's called by its real life counterpart name, the van is very large, just smaller than the Brahma, the civilian van can be found in the industrial park of Miami and it doesn't spawn in The Islands, the police step van is much rarer, it only spawns when your wanted level is high, when the wanted level line becomes red, and spawns mostly you it comes to the "You are fucked" level, making the police step van nearly impossible to be safely kept.


The Step Van is very heavy, possibly as heavy as the Brahma, therefore, the van is very slow, sluggish and thick, it has the worst acceleration in the game and its top speed is very bad, its handling is also sluggish, owing its weight and long wheelbase, the vehicle is not durable at all and can be blown by a few Shotgun rounds.

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