"They're coming from everywhere! Tony, open up! Open the fucking door! It's me, man! Please! Tony! It's me, man! Please! Tony, open the fucking door! Tony! Soy yo! ("It's me!") Tony, open--

- Chi-Chi's last words before he got shot in the back by one of Sosa's men

Background information
Appearances Scarface (1983 film)
Portrayed by Ángel Salazar
Character information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Henchman
Country of Origins Flag of Cuba Cuba
Affiliation Montana Cartel

Chi-Chi is a fictional character in the movie Scarface.

He is one of Tony's most trusted friends and henchmen and the last of Tony's associates to die (before himself).


Chi-Chi was recruited by Tony and Manny, along with Angel to help assassinate Emilio Rebenga, in exchange for a green card. During the riot in Freedom Town, Rebenga attempts to flee. Chi-Chi bursts into the tent and begins chanting "Libertad!" which he is soon joined in by Manny, they slowly advance on him, keeping his attention, which gives Tony the chance to surprise attack him and stab him in the stomach.

He accompanies Tony, Manny and Angel to a cocaine deal set up by Omar involving a new Colombian group of dealers who are staying at the Sun Ray hotel in Miami Beach. As Tony and Angel go up the side-stairs of the Sun Ray to find the room the Colombians are staying in, Chi-Chi stays downstairs in the car with Manny, who is busy flirting with a girl, awaiting for the 15 minutes to lapse, as instructed by Tony in the event him and Angel do not return from the Colombians' room within that time span.

Chi-Chi later joins Manny and Tony at Lopez Motors to confront Frank Lopez about the attempted hit on Tony earlier that evening at the Babylon Club, Chi-Chi dons a rifle with his finger on the trigger and covers one side of Lopez's office while Tony talks to Frank and Mel. Manny oversees and covers the other side by the doorway.

He continues to follow Tony around and serves as his wingman and possible #3 man, but his role is minimal until Tony's compound is raided by Sosa's hitmen, when Chi-Chi, desperately and unsuccessfully, tries to fend off the onslaught of attackers with a submachine gun. Out of ammo, he runs over to and yells loudly while slapping his hands on the door to Tony's office, begging him to let him in, but Tony, in a cocaine-fueled delirium, combined with the sudden death of his sister and realization that he murdered his best friend in cold-blood, is oblivious to the situation. Tony eventually witnesses Chi-Chi's death at the hands of Sosa's hit squad on his security monitor, at which point he realizes he is truly alone, without any friends or henchmen left to protect him.


Chi-Chi is shot in the back

Scarface: The World Is Yours

Chi-Chi is seen briefly in the game, in the raid on Tony's mansion. A henchman shoots at attackers with a sub-machine gun before he is gunned down. It is supposed to be Chi-Chi but the character is a henchman who is seen many times throughout the game.


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