Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Nika Futterman
Character information
Gender Female
Occupation Drug Dealer, bar owner
Country of Origins Either Us-flag-icon USA or Mexican flag Mexico
Affiliation Montana Cartel, Tony Montana

Coco is an ally of the Montana Cartel who is a drug addict and helps Tony regain influence in the drug trade by showing him how to sell drugs to her dealer.

In the video gameEdit

Coco runs a bar on Downtown's beach, and is a contact of Felix, who "owed her a night out". Coco became addicted to crack, but once Tony Montana "died", the drug industry was led by Gaspar Gomez, who increased drug prices. When George Sheffield told Montana to visit Coco, Montana talked with her and she taught him how to make a drug deal with her dealer, and Montana made deals with other dealers around the area.