The Diaz Brothers (Edgar and Alfonso) are the bosses of a large Colombian Drug Cartel in Miami.

They are mentioned multiple times in the Scarface (1983 film) but don't physically appear.

In the video game, the Diaz Brothers send a hitman to assassinate Tony's mother while a large group of thugs the brothers hired attempt to kill Montana at the Babylon Club. Tony eliminates them all, but a surviving attacker is interrogated by Tony and informes him of the murder of his mother and who ordered the hit. A furious and vengeful Montana drives over to Diaz Motors (Lopez Motors before Frank Lopez's death at the hands of Tony) and butchers Edgar with a chainsaw and eliminates Alfonso during a car chase. After that, Tony and his men take over the Diaz Brothers' Little Havana Storehouse and their Cocaine shipment, thus taking back control of Little Havana


  • Despite their relatively small role in the film and fairly unflattering role in the video game, the american folk-rock band "The Mountain Goats" dedicated a song to the siblings. The song was appropriately titled "The Diaz Brothers."
  • Their surname was given to the character, Ricardo Diaz, who is featured in the Grand Theft Auto games, Vice City and Vice City stories, which are heavily inspired by Scarface. (Diaz even lives in a similar house to Tony Montana.
  • It is possible they are named after former Mexican general and president Porfirio Díaz, who was overthrown during the Mexican revolution.
  • They are often confused for the hitmen who tried to kill Tony in the film, but they are seperate characters. However, their models in the video game were directed based on the actors who played the assassins.


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