There are some easter eggs and secrets in Scarface - The World Is Yours, here is a list:

Gilligan's Island[]

There is an Island in The Islands which is a reference to the 60's TV Sitcom Gilligan's Island. The Island is unmarked on the map, therefore it's a bit difficult to find it. The island has a wrecked vessel, a bar and some people similar to Gilligan's Island characters.


The Oakley Drive-In is a reference to the movie Shaft, as the word "Oakley" refers to the Oakley actor Richard Roundtree who played as Shaft. In addition, Richard portrayed the Oakley Drive-In Owner as well. If you shoot the Oakley Drive-In's sign and destroy it, the word "Drama" will turn into "Shaft".

Brazilian Attendant[]

The player can see a Brazilian attendant at Pedro's Pawn Shop. If Tony talks to him, he will say quotes like "Puta que pariu,essa porra é falsa!" which is translated to "Holy Fucking shit, this shit is fake!". He is voiced by the Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro.


Tony can go near the green dumpsters in Miami and The Islands. If he has a low health level, pressing the "enter vehicle" button will make Tony urinate and gain a small amount of health.


If Tony swims far away from an area, a Shark will eventually appear and eat Tony. Tony will do the Wilhelm scream and the screen will then black out.

Girl eaten by a Shark[]

On a pier at South Beach, if Tony goes to the edge of the pier, you will see a girl swimming with a Shark following her, the Shark will eat her off-screen.


Near Lobster Cay, there is a sunken UFO in the sea.