Edgar Diaz was one of the leaders of the Colombian cartel known as the Diaz Cartel (The other leader being his younger brother, Alfonso Diaz). He and Alfonso were mentioned multple times in the movie, though they don't physically appear. In the video game, Edgar and Alfonso take all of Tony's turf in Little Havana after Alejandro Sosa sends those hitmen to Tony's Mansion and Tony was supposedly killed. Tony takes his revenge on the Diaz Brothers by taking most of the turf in Little Havana, so Edgar and Alfonso send hitmen to the Babylon Club to kill Tony though Tony kills them and a surviving assassin tells Tony that the Diaz Brothers killed Tony's mother. Full of rage, Tony goes to Diaz Motors (Used to be Lopez Motors until Tony killed Frank Lopez) and Tony pulls out a Chainsaw out of his car's trunk and chases after Edgar and soon dismembers Edgar with the chainsaw. After Tony kills Alfonso, he takes over the rest of the Diaz Cartel as well as Little Havana.