Elvira Hancock was formerly Frank Lopez's American girlfriend and later became Tony Montana's beautiful wife. Tony nicknames her "Elvie". Elvira was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tony marries Elvira in an expensive wedding, but soon afterwards their married life breaks down, with Tony complaining that all she does is inhale cocaine and quaaludes, and Elvira saying all Tony does is focus on business, remarking that even Frank knew when to give money issues a rest. She eventually leaves Montana after a fight at a restaurant towards the end of the film. She is also mentioned in the video game Scarface - The World is Yours by Sheffield's henchman Pablo to bait Tony into a trap by Sheffield and Sosa. Her exact whereabouts by the end of the film are unknown; she may have descended further into cocaine addiction and died of an overdose. Another more positive possibility is that after leaving Tony, she moved on with her life and ceased her cocaine addiction.


"Don't call me 'Baby'. I'm not your 'Baby'."
―Elvira to Tony
"Don't toot your horn, honey. You're not that good."
"Can't you see what we're becoming, Tony? We're losers. We're not winners, we're losers."
―Elvira talking about their addiction to Cocaine
"Can't you stop saying 'fuck' all the time?"
―Elvira complaining about Tony and Manny swearing all the time



  • Tony makes snide remarks during the fight at a restaurant that Elvira is probably infertile due to her drug use, which makes sense, since she does not appear to be healthy enough to have kids. Another possibility is that cocaine has made Tony sterile, though he would likely never admit his own faults.
  • In the game, Scarface - The World is Yours, Tony often mentions Elvira, saying phrases such as, "Where is that wife of mine?", "Elvie, where did you go?" and "I wonder where my wife is.", showing his love toward Elvira still adamant despite she left him.
  • Michelle Pfieffer and Al Pacino would once again play a couple 8 years after Scarface, in the 1991 film Frankie & Johnny.