Emilio Rebenga is a fictional character in the movie Scarface.


Rebenga was one of Castro's most trusted generals who was also responsible for torturing several prisoners to death including Frank Lopez's brother. Over the years of his service, he eventually fell from Castro's grace and was jailed in Cuba. When Castro emptied his jails to dump them all in America as part of the Mariel Boatlift, Rebenga ends up in a detention center known as Freedomtown as a refugee. Omar Suarez was ordered by Lopez to find someone in Freedomtown to kill Rebenga as revenge, he was able to hire Manny Ribera and his friends, in return they will all receive green cards to be able to leave Freedomtown. On August 11, 1980, a riot ensues in Freedomtown, Rebenga tries to avoid the rioters in the shelter, however Manny and several others began to taunt Rebenga. Chanting "Libertad" causing the rioters to also chant the word. As Manny and the Rioters slowly approach the fearful Rebenga, the former of which armed with a switchblade; he tries to find a way out of the shelter. Believing they're all out to get him.  He makes it to the door, inches away from open space when Tony catches him by surprise and fatally stabbed him saying "From a friend you fucked!!!". Although he was stabbed in the abdomen, Rebenga stills struggled to walk away, before collapsing and dying of bloodloss. As a reward for their efforts, Manny, Tony, and the others later each received a green card as promised by Omar. In the height of his career, at the behest of his employer, Frank Lopez, whom suspects an affair between him and his mistress Elvira; A dirty cop by the name of Mel Bernstein shakes down Tony using knowledge of the Rebenga killing among most things to make him cooperate. It was then and there that Tony deduced that something was amiss. Only two people knew of the Rebenga hit, Manny and Frank. Tony realizes Frank was conspiring against him, as he did not think Manny would be working with the likes of Bernstein.


Rebenga lies dying.