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The Babylon Club, one of the available fronts.

Fronts are businesses purchased by Montana in Scarface: The World Is Yours, and are used by Tony Montana to sell cocaine to his fronts at any time he wills. Unlike street dealers, who only buy when Tony's gang heat is low and whose prices may vary depending on the players dealing skill, fronts will always buy. However, the player should look at the front's demand before selling (a bigger demand yields larger profits). During drug runs, Tony must collect money from his fronts while protecting the ones that come under attack and dodging enemy gang members. Tony can only collect money from fronts in areas that he owns. Once the Montana Holdings investment is purchased, the price of all fronts goes down by 10%.

Front Price Mission
Pedro's Pawn Shop $50,000 Take the hot goods away before the cops arive.
Cabana Cigar $75,000 Retrieve the papers and kill the accountant.
Oakley Drive-In $100,000 Stop the Diaz car gang.
O' Grady's Liquor Store $120,000 Stop the attackers.
Fidel's Records $160,000 Retrieve the mixtapes.
U-Gin Shotgun Bar $80,000 Kill the pimp.
Babylon Club $1,000,000 Protect the VIP.
Macau Fast Food $200,000 Cover the fishermen.
Chi Peso Trattoria $2,000,000 Protect the manager.
Swansong Hotel $5,000,000 Kill the lawyer.
Sun Ray Hotel $5,000,000 Kill the drug dealer.
Angel Dust Donuts $200,000 Take the cops away.
Whippet Gambling $3,000,000 Reposess the car.
Peninsula Lounge $8,000,000 Kill the bent cop and his guards.
Stein Jewelry $12,000,000 Kill the bank robbers.
Coco's Lounge and Disco $13,000,000 Kill the loan sharks.