Gaspar Gomez
Background information
Appearances Scarface (voice only)
Scarface:The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Robert Vandenberg (film)
Cheech Marin (video game)
Character information
Status Deceased (game)
Gender Male
Occupation Drug Lord
Country of Origins Mexican flag Mexico
Affiliation Gomez Cartel

Gaspar Gomez is a Mexican drug lord. He was only a minor character in the Scarface film and the secondary antagonist of Scarface - The World is Yours. He is the Head of the Gomez Cartel, which controls North and South Beach of Miami.


Three months after Sosa's attack on Tony's mansion, Gaspar's Drug Cartel has become the most powerful Cartel in Miami due to his affiliation with Sosa, dominating both South and North Beach. Tony attacked Gaspar's penthouse, killed his head of security, stole a satellite phone for his personel use, and hijacks a van carrying $50,000 enabling him to open a new bank account therefore provoking Gaspar into going to war with Tony. After Tony had eliminated the Diaz Brothers and Nacho Contreras, Gaspar was next on Tony's hit list, Tony succeeded in expanding his empire into both South and North Beach, leaving Gaspar's gang severely weakened. Gaspar held a meeting with Sosa and George Sheffield regarding Tony at Sosa's mansion in Bolivia, however Tony began his one man attack on the mansion. Tony confronts Gaspar and his bodyguards, the mortally wounded Gaspar tries to crawl, but eventually succumbs to his injuries and dies.

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