"Fuck Gaspar Gomez..."
―Mission description
Gaspar Gomez is the third storyline mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it unlocks level 1 reputation.


Tony heads back to his mansion, he now wants to rebuild his empire, but he needs to keep his heat low, to maximize his profits, as Tony reaches his office, he throws many papers away from the table and calls Felix on the telephone, saying that he got his mansion back, but it needs a cleanup, he asks what is Gaspar Gomez doing, Felix tells Tony that Gaspar is using a armored van and he is probably smuggling cash for laundering, he advises Tony that Gaspar got a lot of guards around the van, but it's not impossible to get it, he asks Tony if he wants him to go alongside, Tony refuses, saying that he can handle himself, Tony then takes a Micro SMG from his locker.

Tony heads to La Normande, when he gets there, he asks the attendant if he might talk to Gaspar, the attendant says he can, but asks who wants to talk to Gaspar, Tony says his name, the attendant tries to refuse, but Tony manages to take the elevator, the attendant then get nervous and says that he is calling the security, but Tony use the elevator and reaches Gaspar's penthouse, which is currently having a party, but as soon as Tony shows up, Gaspar's goons will start shooting, Tony then kills all of the goons inside the penthouse and reaches the rooftop, much for Tony's disappointment, Gaspar is not found in the penthouse, but he finds Ricardo, who says that Gaspar is in a business trip, Ricardo insults Tony and they both go on a fistfight, Tony beats Ricardo up and throws him from the top of the building saying "Adios Amigo", while Gaspar's goons get scared when they saw Ricardo hitting the floor, after this, they use a helicopter to attack Tony, Tony will have to fight his way to the parking lot of the building, but now he will have to destroy the helicopter, as he kills all goons in the building, he reaches the parking lot and take the van and take it to the bank, he receives a phone call from Gaspar, but Tony just tell him to go fuck himself.

Tony then talks to Susan and he says he wants to talk to Jerry and that he wants to make a deposit, he talks to Jerry and says that he is back in action, Tony goes back to Susan and deposits his money, Susan gives Tony a catalog of purchasable items for the more influential clients.

Tony gives Felix a call and says that Gaspar wasn't at his storehouse, but he managed a way to get the money and a cell phone, Tony says that he needs a front to build his empire, Felix advises Pedro's Pawn Shop, which Tony later goes there


  • Reputation: +55,000
  • Exotics: +14
  • Total Money: +52,260
  • Micro SMG available
  • $5,000 Suppliers


Mission 3 - Gaspar Gomez

Mission 3 - Gaspar Gomez

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