Mama Montana

Georgina Montana was Tony and Gina's mother. She sees Tony as a bad influence on Gina, so she disapproves Tony's criminal lifestyle, even rejecting a generous offer of $1,000 from him. Her husband is not seen in the film, but she said that she married an American man who was a sailor in the U.S. Navy who abandoned his responsibilities as a husband and father years ago, leaving Mrs. Montana to care for the children by herself. Notably she is the one of the only major characters still alive at the end. In a comic book entitled Scarface, which is a pseudo-sequel to the movie, two corrupt cops tell a hospitalized Tony that his mother had emigrated back to Cuba to live her final days in her ancestral homeland. The cops then spit on him, implying that was the message she left Tony as he is responsible for the death of her daughter Gina. It was referred in the video game that Mama Montana was murdered by the Diaz Brothers. Tony later had got his revenge.
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