"Fuck me, Tony! Come on, just fuck me!"
―Gina's last words before she got shot by one of Sosa's men

Gina Montana is a character who appears as the tritagonist in Scarface (1983 film) and a minor, yet key character in Scarface - The World Is Yours.


Gina Montana was born in Cuba. She is the younger sister to Tony. Gina is one of the two family members Tony has in Miami, the other being his mother Georgina. Tony is very protective of her as seen when he beats Fernando who is with her in the Babylon Club. Gina tries to stay straight and level-headed, working hard to take care of her mother as well as taking classes with hopes of earning a certificate in hairdressing. Shortly after Tony arrives in America, he somewhat establishes himself in the Lopez cartel before he attempts to reunite with his family. When he tracks down his mother in Miami, she is living with Gina. Tony attempts to be civil and well-behaved with Mama, but she wants nothing to do with Tony, (correctly) accusing him of being a crook like he was in their native Cuba. Gina, however, is overjoyed to see her older brother. Mama warns Tony to stay away, as she fears he will be a bad influence on Gina. Tony offers his mother a thousand dollars, but she flatly rejects it, claiming that must be dirty money. When Mrs. Montana goes back inside, Gina tells Tony not to worry; her mother has been under pressure. Tony secretly gives Gina the money instead, saying a good girl like her who loves her family and works hard deserves it. Tony suggests using the money for things like partying or fashion; his sole request is that Gina parse some of the money for Mama's benefit such as going food shopping or paying a utility bill. Gina is pleased with Tony's generosity.

At a later point in the film, Gina is shown taking Tony's advice of having fun when she is seen dancing at the Babylon Club. However, when Tony realizes her date is Fernando, a member of a rival drug cartel, and is instantly displeased. Although Manny chalks up Tony's disdain for Gina fraternizing with one of Frank Lopez's enemies, much later in the film the true reason for the anger would be revealed. When Fernando attempts to make out with Gina in the men's lavatory, Tony and Manny storm the restroom, where Tony attacks Gina's date and orders Manny to take her home. Angered, Gina says that Tony has been bossy and overprotective of her like her parents. Manny attempts to defend Tony, saying he is her blood and wants the best for her, and a real man would not put the moves on a lady in a filthy atmosphere like the men's restroom of a club, but a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. Gina says she has a new man in mind, and Manny eagerly asks who, only to be taken aback when she says it is him. Manolo is worried about dating his partner's sister, but considering his own words as to how a real man ought to behave, begins a secret relationship with Gina, albeit respectful in the terms he dictated. Presumably this also helped Gina get back on track as she arguably graduated from hairdressing school. During a montage of the film's climax with Tony on top, a few scenes are shown with Gina, such as Georgina and Gina attending the wedding of Tony and Elvira. Manolo is also seen looking happily at Gina, a sign of their eventual nuptials. Another scene shows Tony buying a beauty salon and giving the title to Gina, where she is cutting a ceremonial ribbon opening her business.

Towards the climax of the film, Tony gets a distressing call from his mother saying that Gina has run off. This of course make Tony go straight to his mother's house where she goes and tells him the address of where she followed them. Tony goes to this address, only to find out its Manny's home and Gina half naked upstairs. Tony probably assumed that Manny slept with Gina, so Tony, of course, lets his anger get to him and before Manny can talk, he kills him sending Tony off the edge. He gets his goons to take her with him to his mansion, she then tells Tony that she and Manny got married in the previous day. Later on, Gina comes into Tony's office, and within seconds, starts shooting at him. They are both unaware of the hitman on Tony's office balcony who comes in shooting and kills Gina. Tony kills the assassin and comforts his already dead sister by saying he is sorry and that he loves both her and Manny.

Scarface:The World Is Yours

In Scarface: The World Is Yours, Gina can be seen at the start of the game she is in Tony's office on the floor dead also when the B button, or circle button is pressed and Tony starts to talk to himself he will mention Gina saying he loves her and that she's his guardian angel. Also as an exotic, her ashes can be bought as a decor and put any where in Tony's mansion.



  • Gina's corpse still appears in Scarface - The World Is Yours in the starting mission, this is her only physical appearance in the game. At random points in the game, such as at the beach, female civilian characters who resemble Gina can be seen, which was likely due to technicians using the "frame" of Gina for palette swaps.