Gomez Cartel


Cartel, gang
Many fronts in Mexico, South Beach, North Beach, Trailer Park

The Gomez Cartel was a Mexican drug cartel based out of Miami's North Beach and South Beach, led by Gaspar Gomez. The Gomez Cartel were created in the 1970s and expanded their interests in the 1980s, taking over North and South Beach and Gaspar bought an expensive penthouse at La Normande hotel. The cartel was destroyed when Tony Montana took over the two Beaches and when Gomez was assassinated in 1984.


Gaspar Gomez was originally a Mexican immigrant who was extremely poor but got involved with the cocaine trade in Miami and became a rich cocaine businessman, owning the two territories of North and South Beach. Gaspar rivaled the Lopez Cartel, Montana Cartel, Contreras Cartel, and the Diaz Brothers, and built up a large empire in the 1980s. When the Montana Cartel collapsed in 1983 they expanded their business empire over his old turf and capitalized on his strife.

Drug WarsEdit

In 1983, with the resurgence of Antonio Montana, the Gomez Cartel were some of his first targets. Montana attempted to kill Gaspar Gomez because he was digging in on his ally Coco's drug business at Coconut Grove. Montana headed to La Normande hotel and shot his way through dozens of Gomez enforcers, but Gaspar was long gone, and in a fit of rage, pushed his security chief off of a balcony. He left the hotel and stole both an armored van with $50,000 as well as Gaspar's satellite phone, using the phone to coordinate his enforcer's activities against rival gangs. 

Gaspar was not involved in the conflict between Montana and the Diaz Brothers and Contreras Cartel, since he did not border the Montana Empire's borders. However, he was drawn into conflict when Montana encroached upon South Beach after meeting with The Sandman and after taking over all of Downtown in a series of gang nest attacks. The Gomez Cartel were eventually forced out of their strongholds and Gaspar planned to meet with Alejandro Sosa, an enemy of Montana, to discuss the situation.


At the meeting in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Gomez was shot dead by Montana, who single-handedly killed all of the bodyguards and mortally wounded Gomez, who died trying to crawl away. His death and the loss of the family's territory brought on the end of the gang.