Guino Rinaldo was the deuteragonist in the 1932 movie Scarface.

Rinaldo was the coin-flipping side-kick of Tony Camonte and was his right-hand man during the war with the Irish Gangs who controlled the North Side, which was the opposite of what their boss, Johnny Lovo, had said. After Rinaldo killed O'Harra, Lovo had sent hitmen to kill Tony though Tony escaped, told Rinaldo and both of them go and trick and kill Lovo in order to take over his criminal empire. After Tony gets word that his sister, Cesca, has been missing after leaving for a month, he goes to an address that his mother had told him. There, he finds Rinaldo and Cesca in the same room together and immedietly shoots him multiple times, Rinaldo falls to the ground dead. Cesca goes to his body and reveals to Tony that they had got married the day before.