Helicopters are important and uncontrollable vehicles both in the movie and in the game, they belong to Sosa , Gaspar Gomez and the police, Tony himself doesn't own a particular helicopter despite all his empire and can't control one, in the game, even when the helicopter is landed, Tony can't enter one, they are only NPC-Controlled vehicles and doesn't have a programmed handling for the player to control it, yet, they are destroyable, the most prominent appearence of a Helicopter in the movie is when Sosa sends his men to kill Omar Suarez by hanging with with a rope by the neck and throwing him from the helicopter, killing him.

In the Game, Helicopters appears in four missions, the first appearence is in the mission Gaspar Gomez when Tony needs to destroy a helicopter during the gunfight, the second appearence is when Tony is a gunman in a helicopter and needs to destroy enemy boats leading to Nacho's Tanker, the third appearence is in the mission Sun Ray Hotel Redux, when Tony has to chase Jimmy by car and later by helicopter, the final appearence is from the Macau Fast Food mission, it's largely the same as the Big Ship mission, but this time, the helicopter carrying Tony doesn't gets destroyed.


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