The Honda Accord is a civilian sedan in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Honda Accord


Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
4-door Sedan
Appears in the Traffic?


Like the Chevrolet Step Van and the Volkswagen Cabriolet, it has no official name, it is called Honda Accord because it's based on one, more exactly the 1986 model, which is an anachronism, since the game takes place in the '80s. The car is very simple, the only different feature is a small spoiler.

This vehicle spawns everywhere in Miami, including in The Islands.


Like the real Honda Accord, it handles very well for a sedan, it has a good acceleration and acceptable top speed,. The car has an average handling and good brakes, its durability is not so good, but is acceptable for a random traffic car. It has a very low desirable option, same goes for GS Wolhabend.

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