Jerry talking to Tony
Background information
Appearances Scarface (1983 film)
Scarface - The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Dennis Holohan (movie)
Michael York (game)
Character information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Occupation Banker
Country of Origins Us-flag-icon USA
Affiliation Tony Montana

Jerry was Tony Montana's banker, who did heavy business with Tony, laundering the profits from his drug trade. He was one of the guests at the wedding of Elvira Hancock and Tony Montana. However, as Tony's empire grew and henchmen were literally delivering duffel bags full of cash to the bank, Jerry became worried about all the attention this was attracting. He warned Tony there was only so much dirty money he could launder and said he would need to raise rates to keep this going. Tony accused Jerry of being grabby and threatened that he was not the only game in town, considering offshore banking. Jerry warned Tony that most Caribbean nations have unreliable banking, as well as being areas of political unrest. Jerry firmly said Tony should keep his business with him and that the new rates, while more expensive, were still affordable for Tony. However, Tony refused to heed that advice, Manny Ribera, Tony's second-in-command, suggested that they should go to another banker, named Seidelbaum, which set disastrous events in motion that would ultimately lead to Tony's downfall.

Scarface - The World Is Yours

In the game, set 3 months after the events of the movie, Tony turns to Jerry again and asks him to be his accountant once more. It is unknown if Jerry knew of Tony going to Seidelbaum behind his back. More likely, it seems that Jerry was aware of the gun battle between Sosa's men and the seizure of Tony's assets by the law, as Jerry is uneasy of doing business with Tony again. However, Jerry ultimately agrees to resume business with Tony as he has faith in him.


Dennis Holohan, who played Jerry, played a similar character in the 1984 action series Blue Thunder, where he was a noted drug dealer who attempted to use dirty money to buy his freedom, at one point even offering the heroes a multimillion bribe to use their high-tech helicopter to take him to Mexico instead of delivering him to the local police as per their orders.

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