Kill Sosa is the final storyline mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours.

Overview Edit

With Sandman's plantation in possession and total dominance over Miami, Tony Montana's drug empire is now fully rebuilt and even stronger than ever. Only one thing remains: Sosa, the Bolivian drug lord who betrayed Tony, must be eliminated. Tony can never forget that Sosa once destroyed everything he had and almost had him killed, and Sosa's existence will be a constant menace to Tony's reborn empire. To prevent the history from repeating itself, Tony decide to commence a kamikaze-style mission to destroy Sosa and his force, once and for all.

Piloting a Floatplane, Tony flies all the way into Bolivia. He managed to sneak into Sosa's mansion. Possibly to facilitate the sneak operation, Tony discarded all his heavy weapons en route, arming only a Desert Eagle loaded with one full clip. Using the pistol, he killed several guards in the courtyard and took their AK-47s. Goons armed to the teeth are now alerted and swarming in, but they are no match for the fully enraged Tony. Soon enough, they all, per Tony's own word, 'died like cock-a-roaches'.

George Sheffield and Gaspar Gomez, in fear of Tony's revenge, are seeking asylum at Sosa's mansion, which is apparently not safe anymore. Tony's first target is Sheffield, the treacherous lawyer who attempted to have Tony killed in a set-up earlier. Sheffield plans to blow Tony up with a loaded Bazooka. However, when Tony shows up, this cowardly man can not even hold his weapon. Ignoring his begging, Tony executes him brutally and uses his Bazooka to destroy the gate to Sosa's main fortress, where he chases Gomez into a corner, killing him. With all goons are lying dead, Tony goes on to confront Sosa. In the argument, Sosa accuses Tony as a de-facto child-killer for involving in drug business, and so, the life of a particular child should not hinder him from obeying his orders; all in all, Sosa insists it was Tony betraying him, rather than the other way around. These words further infuriates Tony. In the ensuing battle, Tony kills Sosa and shoots his dead body repeatedly in rage, wishing him a "nice trip" to Hell.

As Tony walks out the stronghold, a henchmen of Sosa who survived the battle begged him for mercy. Tony spared him and assigned him to be his own butler, similar to what he did to Ernie in the film. In the final cutscene, Tony is seen bathing with Venus in a jacuzzi at his mansion, indicating the two are in a romantic relationship. Tony is happy, as he finally realizes his dream "The World Is Yours": the entire underworld of Miami is now securely in his hand.


As the final mission, it is the most difficult in the entire game. The mission has 4 objectives: survive in the courtyard, kill Sheffield, kill Gaspar and kill Sosa. Only "kill Sheffield" is relatively easy. The real pain is the lack of any checkpoints, meaning if you die in the final stage (killed by Sosa), you have to start all over again.

In the courtyard, there are few effective covers and enemies can shoot from blind corners. It seems turning around at the beginning can increase the odds of survival. Always remember to taunt for balls. Staying in one corner is not a wise choice as you could quickly run out of AK ammo, and cause endless respawn of enemies. Therefore, move from one corner to another, stick to the wall, do not forget enemies popping up from the yards, and unleash Rage specially to kill enemies from above. This way you will trigger 'Kill Sheffield' quicker. Soon as the message appears, enemies will start to retreat, and gate to 2nd floor will be opened.

The second tricky part is to storm the stronghold. If health is not full, make sure to take the medpacks from the buildings at each corner of the citadel before you enter the blown-open gate. Once inside, timing for Rage is even more important. Unleash rage whenever your health is low. Once you have reached 2nd floor, before going downstairs again, it is strongly recommended to start a rage, then chase Gasper down before the time runs out. Note: Gasper will be invincible before he reaches his 'doom room'. If balls meter is not full before the 2nd stairs, you can hide behind the door, shoot respawned enemies and taunt, in a few times it will be fully charged.

After Gasper is killed, take you time to take down the remaining goons; now, they will not respawn anymore. The final battle with Sosa is quite tricky especially if you haven't figured out its gimmicks: Sosa's body is extremely bullet resilient, so spraying AK bullets is almost useless against him. Instead, his Deagle bullets can get you 'fucked up' with a few shots. The correct way is to run for cover (e.g. behind a sofa), crouch, and do a burst on his head.


"Fuck me in the ass..."
―George Sheffield
"This is MY law, George!"
―Tony after killing Sheffield
"It's over Gaspar! It's over for you now! You hear?"
―Tony killing Gaspar Gomez
"When you move 400 kilos a month, it's imperative that you do KILL children. That way heroes don't get confused and go on "60 minutes". They instead crawl back into the hole they came from."
―Alejandro Sosa
"Have a nice trip, Sosa! You stupid fuck!"
―Tony killing Sosa
"The world is yours chico, and everything in it. So say goodnight to the bad guy"
―Tony Montana


  • Reputation: +73,320
  • Balls: +9,165
  • Drugs: +50

Deaths Edit


  • It is unknown how Tony reached the mansion using a Seaplane, as such a small plane cannot carry enough fuel for such an intercontinent flight. Also, Bolivia has no sea. It could be possible that Tony docks the plane in a river and then travelled with a car, evidenced by the fact that he is seen driving a GPV Offroad in the cutscene.
  • Tony can be seen holding big firearms (could be any gun he carries before boarding the plane) when piloting the plane, however, once the mission starts, he will always carry only one desert eagle. When and why he discard his favored weapons is not explained.
  • When Gaspar is on the run, he is temporarily invincible.
  • Even if Sosa is shot with the Bazooka using the Blind Rage, he will not die. He will die only when Tony uses the AK-47 or the Desert Eagle.
  • Sheffield can be executed in 3 ways: with Desert Eagle, with AK or with bare hands. Animations will be different, and the one with bare hands is extra bloody. Example in this video:
  • There is a box of "rusty bazooka shells" in Sheffield's rooms, upon interacting with it, message 'this item has currently no use' will pop up. Purpose for this item is not known, possibly a cut content.




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