La Normande

La Normande is a hotel in Miami. In the game, it was used as Gaspar Gomez's penthouse in Miami, it can be found in North Beach, the penthouse itself is large, it features various chairs and tables, a bed, a jacuzzi and various bars and frigobars, it also features a jukebox, the penthouse has three floors, the first floor is where girls and men can be found on the jacuzzi, the second floor is where the living room is situated and the third floor has a kitchen and a dining table, the penthouse has a rooftop with a panoramic vision of Miami, the penthouse is prominently featured in the mission Gaspar Gomez, where Tony is searching for Gaspar Gomez himself but he doesn't find him, yet, he kills many of Gomez's goons, including Ricardo, he even destroys one of his Helicopters, after the mission, the penthouse remains enterable.


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