Frank Lopez sent two hitmen to kill Tony after he made a deal to work with Alejandro Sosa behind his back, and after saying he could no longer give him orders.

On the movie they've followed Tony to the Babylon Club one night, after spraying machine gun fire by surprise towards Tony they end up killing Octavio the Clown, while the hitters reloaded their weapons, Tony on the ground and wounded pulls out a pistol and shoots both of them in the legs and soon shoots in the stomach supposedly killing one of the hitman.

Tony eventually run out of ammo and flees, so the hitman tries to shoot Tony though a set of disco lights which crashes on him rendering him unconscious. Shortly after that Tony gets his revenge on Frank Lopez.

Scarface: The World is Yours[]

At the game they're referenced as the Diaz Brothers, their respective characters are Edgar Diaz and Alfonso Diaz.