Lopez's Hitmen
Background information
Appearances Scarface (film)
Portrayed by Gregory Cruz (left) and Gary Cervantes (right)
Character information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Hitmen
Country of Origins
Affiliation Frank Lopez

Frank Lopez sent two hitmen to kill Tony after he made a deal to work with Alejandro Sosa behind his back, and after saying he could no longer give him orders

They then followed Tony to the Babylon Club one night where, after spraying machine gun fire by surprise at Octavio the Clown, they then try to reload though Tony, on the ground and wounded, then pulls out a pistol and shoots both of them in the legs and soon shoots one of them in the stomach killing one of the Lopez Hitman. Tony eventually run out of ammo and flees, so the last surviving hitman tries to shoot Tony though a set of disco lights which crashes on him killing him instantly. Tony later gets his revenge on Lopez.

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