Exterior shot of Lopez Motors.

Lopez Motors is a fictitious car showroom dealership in Miami, Florida owned by drug kingpin Frank Lopez in the movie Scarface. The dealership is likely a front for Lopez's lucrative cocaine trafficking business. Presumably in order to keep up a veneer of a legal business, it sells automobiles, as well as sponsors a Little League team, as mentioned by Frank. 

In the game, the Diaz brothers took it over and renamed it Diaz Motors. During the game's intro, Tony stops in front of it briefly and shows his distaste. Later after the assassination attempt at the Babylon Club, Tony learns of his mother's death at the hands of the brothers. Enraged, he raids Diaz Motors armed only with a chainsaw and butchers the brothers and all of their henchmen. 

Lopez Motors

The Diaz Motors in the game.

Trivia Edit

*In the film, it is shown with the corporate logo of Mercedes Benz, which Frank is a distributor of. In the game when ownership has changed hands to the Diaz brothers, it now displays a nondescript boomerang-shaped logo, and it is unknown what cars the Diazes sell. This is likely due to Sierra Games not obtaining permission from Mercedes Benz to use their copyrighted logo.