MPD (Miami Police Department)


Mel Bernstein (possibly)
Security unit, cops, law officers
.45 Automatic, Shotgun, Nightsticks (cutscenes only)
Drug Cartels

"Let's get business done Miami style!"
―A cop

The Miami Police Department (MPD) are a faction in Scarface (1983 film) and in the game Scarface - The World Is Yours.


The MPD are Miami's main police force and are led by crooked police officer Mel Bernstein, who takes bribes from Frank Lopez to help him assassinate Tony Montana. They can be seen wearing an all-blue police uniform, sometimes accompanied by pants with a yellow stripe. They drive the police version of Santa Monica known as MPD Cruiser and the Brahma. Officers can be heard yelling about Miami style tactics, and that they have families. They can be found in groups of two or more and are rarely seen alone or separated when Tony needs to Lose the cops.

Angel Dust DonutsEdit

During the mission Angel Dust Donuts they are the main enemies and need to be chased by Tony to the Industrial Zone, where they drive off a bridge and are suspected to die.

In gameEdit

They appear if the player's mini-map border is white, and one or more units will always come to Tony and take to his cash and drugs away if Tony fails in talking his way out. They will appear as enemies and will come to pursue the player if his mini-map is red and will not hesitate to kill Tony. A corrupt cop also appears in one of Felix's mission, however strangely when killed the player will get gang heat instead of cop heat. The same goes for every other cop killed in a Felix's mission. It is possible because the cops are probably bribed by other cartels to kill Tony.


  • The player can sometimes talk to a cop, for excample usally in North Beach after you fast talk your way out of cop's trap, he will be walking around the streets and can be talked to, he will attack Tony if the player punches him or puts out a gun, however.
  • The cops will help Tony kill other drug cartels if Tony is attacked by gangsters and doesn't pull out a weapon.
  • In the film two Police officers are at the begining and take Tony to Freedom Town.
  • If the player's cop heat is over 8000, and if Tony fails at getting away with fast talk, a cutscene will show Tony getting beaten up by 4 cops and will bearly stand up and his health will be very low.
  • If Tony's cop heat is 10 000, Tony will lost about 500,000 of his money even the clean one if there is to small of dirty one.
Cop and Tony

A corrupt cop in Felix's lead.

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