MPD Cruiser


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 7
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Law Enforcement Vehicle
Appears in Traffic?

The MPD Cruiser is a police car and an Exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours


The MPD Cruiser is the police car of Miami, it appears occasionally in the traffic and it will chase Tony if he has a wanted level, it has sirens in the top which functions when the player press the horn button, it replaces the horn by default, the car always appears in green and white, which are the colors of Miami Police Department, the car is based on the Dodge Royal Monaco Police Cruiser (the car in the picture is actually from Chicago police instead of Miami), despite being a law-enforcement vehicle, Tony can buy this vehicle as an exotic car.

It is prominently featured in the mission Angel Dust Donuts, where Tony steals one and wreck many other police cars on a chase.

There is also a civilian variant of this car, which has the same design and features no sirens, police decals or nothing else, its called Santa Monica in the game files.


The MPD Cruiser is not that fast, it doesn't have the best handling and its durability is not good at all, on the other hand it's better than the civilian model. But as the police drives it, like every NPC driven cars, it will be fast and durable against you, even when you are driving a Ariel MK III, the police will still catch you, but when Tony drives it, it handles on par with a Caballo El Ray.



  • The sirens does not move vehicles out of the way, NPCs will treat you like if you were in a normal vehicle honking the horn.
  • The vehicle does not spawn in The Islands, however, Tony can order one and drive it normally there.
  • Strangely, in the game files, the civilian version of this car is called Santa Monica.


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