- Mel's last words before Tony shot him in the heart, killing him

Mel Bernstein
Background information
Appearances Scarface (film)
Portrayed by Harris Yulin
Character information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Chief Detective of Narcotics, Miami Police Department
Country of Origins Us-flag-icon USA
Affiliation Miami Police Department
Frank Lopez (occasionally)

Mel Bernstein is a crooked cop in the film Scarface. When he meets Tony at the Babylon Club, he tells him that he will be arrested for the murder of Rebenga as well as for the blood bath at the Sun Ray Hotel, unless Tony pays him a monthly unmentioned amount of bribe money, which Mel shows to Tony on a napkin. He asks Tony if he knew how it worked? Bernstein explains to Tony what the monthly amount will do for Tony's business. Bernstein alternates his threats with promises to arrest small-time rival drug dealers. He is the tertiary antagonist of the film.

As he is about to leave Tony at the Babylon Club, he tells Tony that he has a vacation coming up soon and if he could also throw in a couple of first class tickets to London, England since neither Bernstein or his wife have been there before. He also makes a smug remark that Tony that he should smile more often, that every day above ground is a good day.

Later at the Babylon Club, Tony is attacked by 2 assassins, though he survives and suspects Frank Lopez is behind it since he had already put Mel Bernstein on him previously. Montana, Manny, and Chi-Chi go to Frank's dealership that same night where they walk into Lopez and Bernstein having a meeting.

After Manny kills Frank, Mel says Frank pushed the limit. Tony responds "So did you", and shoots Bernstein in the stomach. Bernstein does not die, and pleas that he can make things right for Tony, then threatens Tony with the possibility of a cop-kill on his hands. The threats fall on deaf ears, as Tony retorts "Who ever said you was one, Mel? Enjoy your first class ticket to the Resurrection" as Tony shoots Bernstein in the heart, mortally wounding him.

In the Game

In Scarface TWIY video game; Tony is approached by a cop named Diego. Tony says to the policeman "Mel Bernstein tried to shit on me once, and it didn't work out so good for him you know". Diego responds "Mel? He wasn't a team player, Montana. You did us all a favor."


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