The Montana Cartel is a cocaine-based cartel founded and led by Cuban gangster Tony Montana and his best friend Manny Ribera. After killing Frank Lopez, Tony takes over the Lopez Cartel and renames it the Montana Cartel and plans on taking over the rest of Miami via his partnership with Alejandro Sosa.

The Movie[]




  • Montana Management Co.
  • Montana Travel Co.
  • Montana Reality

The Game[]


  • Tony Montana: Boss and founder
  • Angel: A henchman with a black shirt. Tony will call him when he needs a car or a boat. He is named after a similar character in the movie.
  • Carlos: A Hispanic henchman with a black shirt. Tony will call him when he needs a car or boat.
  • Nick: An African-American henchman, also named after a character in the movie.
  • Tino: A rare-spawning henchman in a light blue shirt. Possibly Tony's new second-in-command or bodyguard. Only appears in the Miami Distribution missions.
  • Felix: A drug dealer who kept his loyalty to Tony even after his downfall. Felix was key in Tony's resurface back into power.
  • Jose: Henchman in a pink shirt, spawns a lot of when the player needs a car or a boat.
  • Pedro: Henchman who looks like Jose, only with a recoloured shirt and usually without shades. Spawns commonly at night.
  • Carl: A henchman sharing Jose and Pedro's night model, gets killed during the first cutscene, sharing Chi-Chi's fate.
  • Julian: African-American henchman who is only seen at the beginning mission, but gets killed quickly.
  • Don: Another henchman who is only seen in the first mission, gets killed in a cutscene.
  • Ernie: Henchman with the recoloured model of Carlos, gets killed in the opening mission by Juan.
  • Chauffeur: Tony's personal chauffeur, has his own leads.
  • Enforcer: Tony's enforcer, has his own leads.
  • Assassin: Tony's female assassin, can be bought via exotics and has her own leads.



  • Unfortunately, most, if not all, henchmen in the game are pretty useless and can easily get killed by rival gangs. They also do not have any upgraded, high-level or expensive weapons. Femme Fatales on the other hand, do.
    • This can easily be seen at the start of the game already, where Montana's henchmen serve as the fodder for the Bolivian Cartel.
  • Most of Tony's henchmen have cross necklaces. They appear to wear them to look fancy rather than any religious affiliation.
  • Tony can easily kill off his own henchmen and taunt them as if they were enemies, however it won't give him any Balls. Tony's henchmen also won't fight back if Tony shoots at them and attempts to kill them, making them complete mooks with zero balls.

Gang Gallery[]