"Fuck 'em all! I bury those cock-a-roaches!"
―Mission description
 Nacho's Tanker is a uncontrollable vehicle as well as the 20th storyline mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours.


 The Dock Boss says that Nacho operates a cargo ship offshore, which is loaded with coke before Tony killed him, The Boss' men would then take Tony to use a gun inside their Helicopter and destroy some Attack Boats before reaching the ship, the support helicopter ends up destroyed by the attack boats, Tony's helicopter reaches the ship and Tony starts shooting Nacho's goons, the helicopter eventually drops Tony in the ship to kill all the goons and defuse three bombs, each bomb defuse, Tony will have to destroy two boats, after the third bomb is defused, Tony will have to kill the captain and talk to Maribel, she is a immigrant and she tells Tony that other immigrants were locked in the containers with her and they want a new life in America, they'll even work for him, but she is interrupted by Tony's cell phone, it's a call from Venus, she says that she found a Nacho's front in Miami and she wants him to go there, it's a auto shop, Tony thanks Venus and asks Maribel if she can drive the ship, she says that she can, they all head to Miami, Tony starts shooting the goons in the auto shop and kills the foreman.


  • Reputation: +259,905
  • Balls: +1,981
  • Drugs: +18
  • South Beach turf


Mission 20 - Nacho's Tanker

Mission 20 - Nacho's Tanker


For some odd reason both helicopter pilots and ally helicopter pilot gunner share the same model with Sergio.

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