"Well, you stupid fuck, look at you now!"
―Mission description
 Nacho Contreras is the 17th mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it is unlocked as soon as the mission Meet The Sandman is completed.


Nacho's Death

Nacho dies.

Tony gets in abandoned ship, which is actually a casino inside, Tony talks to the casino's manager and suggests her to work with him in Miami, but she says that Nacho will not approve, Nacho eventually appears and says that Tony was supposed to be dead, Nacho sends his goons to kill Tony, Tony makes his way to the deck of the ship, after killing many goons, there will be two Snipers on the front part of the deck, Tony kills them and take the Sniper Rifle, he then faces Nacho and threats him, Nacho jumps on the water and tries to escape by boat, Tony shoots him, making him weak to the point he can barely swim, eventually, a Shark eats him.


  • Reputation: +517,655
  • Balls: +3,531
  • Drugs: +8


Mission 17 - Nacho Contreras

Mission 17 - Nacho Contreras

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