Pedro's Pawn Shop
"I want what's coming to me"
―Mission description
Pedro's Pawn Shop is a pawn shop located in Little Havana in Miami. The shop was bought by Tony for $50,000 and is a front to distribute cocaine. Tony learns from the manager from one of his contacts that the police is checking up on his store, and will shut it down if they find some hot merchandise. Tony uses his van to take the hot goods away, after picking up the third box, the police drive by early, which Tony has to lose their trail. After getting rid of the hot goods, Tony buys the pawn shop.

Mission RewardEdit

  • Reputation: +3,215
  • Balls: +215

Mission Walkthrough videoEdit

Mission 4 - Pedro's Pawn Shop

Mission 4 - Pedro's Pawn Shop


  • There is a Brazilian attendant in the shop, when you talk to him, he will say "Puta que pariu, essa porra é falsa" which translates to "Holy fucking shit, this crap is fake!". He is voiced by Rodrigo Santoro.
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