Swats Scarface

Security unit, agents, cops, special force
Carbine Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Nightsticks (cutscenes)
Drug Cartels

The S.W.A.T team (Special Weapons And Tactics) are a faction appearing in Scarface - The World Is Yours.

"This is the police! DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE!!"
―A SWAT member in first mission


SWAT are special backup for the Miami Police Department when the situation becomes too extreme or difficult. They are heavily armed and rarely seen alone, much like the MPD officers.

Mansion ShootoutEdit

During the Mansion Shootout after completing half-way of the mission, the player will see police cars and swat vans arriving at the mansion and will have to get to his car before the timer reaches zero. If failed, the Swats and a DEA will come up and brutally beat Toni to death with nightsticks.

In GameEdit

SWAT don't make any more appearances in missions, but they can appear if the player is fucked and will shoot him down with helicopters and chase after him with vans. They can also be seen practicing in Bloodsport, two will always appear as fighters. They also appear after completing an Assassin job, they will come and try to kill the assassin.


  • The Swat who is wearing an white helmet and a black mask is known as Swat Sniper, while the one without mask is known as SWAT Specialists.
  • Before the game was released, the SWAT looked a little different, they would wear masks and helmets and had "POLICE" write on their back, they were also all white and had shorter sleeves. It is unknown why they changed this.


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