Santa Monica


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 2
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Convertible car and Sedan
Appears in Traffic?

The Santa Monica is a civilian car and an exotic vehicle in Scarface: The World Is Yours.


The Santa Monica is similarly designed to the QM Convertible and seems to be the successor of it. The car appears in the movie in a beater condition, used by Tony and his friends to make a deal in the Sun Ray Hotel.

This car along with Cadillac Eldorado, both exotic vehicles not the civilian cars, features leopard skin seats.

There is also another car named Santa Monica, although it does not have the same design it is named Santa Monica in game files for some reason. This one is based in the Dodge Royal Monaco.

The sedan version spawns in all districts of Miami and the convertible appears in Downtown, North Beach, South Beach and Little Havana. Also there is a special edition that resembles Tony's Santa Monica, it only spawns in North Beach and South Beach. Neither the sedan and the convertible version spawn in The Islands.


This car handles quite good, considering it's weight, the car is faster than the sedan version based on Dodge Royal Monaco. Its top speed is comparable to the MPD Cruiser. Durability is also average, not really good for such a heavy car. It also has brakes reasonably good for it's weight.

The "sedan variant" based in the Dodge Royal Monaco handles very bad and sluggish due to it's weight, it's performance is inferior to the MPD Cruiser and the Caballo El Ray. This car has average acceleration, average top speed, average handling, average durability and good brakes.



  • Santa Monica is the name of a district in Los Angeles, California.


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