If you want to edit something in this wiki, you must first obey the rules, here they are:


When editing any article, you must add information, correct any grammar/spelling error or do any minor edit, if you add nonsensical content, irrelevant content or false content, it will be considered Vandalism and sometimes Spam, make sure your edits are correct, sourceful and relevant.


When uploading a image, you'll need to make sure it doesn't have copyright, if you take a screenshot, print or photo of any Scarface-related picture, make sure you license them and they should be Scarface-only content, except for weapons, where you can upload their real-life counterparts, also, when uploading a picture, you must name them correctly.


Ambassador-Front.jpg / AmbassadorScarface / Tony's Ambassador -> Right

Gallery_ow8sj8whnsy.jpg / Image_lskiisk.jpg / 0_0.jpg -> Wrong

When uploading a picture of Scarface - The World Is Yours, click on the picture, add a description and add {{Scarfacetwiy screenshot}}, remember, all pictures should be named correctly and licensed. Pictures of both movies don't need to be licensed, but optionally, you can add a "Fair use" license.

Behavior and Language

We all know that Scarface has a lot of innapropriate words like "fuck" and "bullshit", but this wiki is not the movie Scarface, therefore you must be respectful and polite here, when editing an article, don't write foul comments on the summary like "I removed it because it's dumb", say why exactly you edited it, if you fight someone and disrespect him, you'll be issued with a block.

If you read it all, you can now feel free to contribute in this wiki, every help is welcome!

Issued by Signature (talk) 22:40, December 8, 2014 (UTC)

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