Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster, fight bet man
Country of Origins Mexican flag Mexico
Affiliation Contreras Cartel, Nacho Contreras

"You should have seen that cocksucka, one punch and he collapsed like a cheap tent."
―Sergio to Tony

Sergio is a minor enemy character in the game Scarface: The World Is Yours and is one of Nacho's best henchmen.


Sergio is gangster and a fight bet-man in the Nacho's cartel.


Sergio appears in game more than any other member, and he appears in Downtown with the rest of Nacho's thugs. There might even be more than one of them during gang nest missions. Sergio can also be talked to if the player has a low gang heat, he usually comments about fights. Sergio appears in the missions where you must protect O'Grady's Liquor Store from attackers, the mission where Montana takes over Marina Storehouse and Nacho Contreras. Like said above, he is the most appearing member of the cartel.


"I tell you man, never bet on a middleweight with a foot speed of a paperweight."
―Sergio to Tony
"That middleweight cocksucka's lucky he's in a coma, or I'd be kickin' his ass right now."
―Sergio to Tony, mad he lost a bet
"I don't think Johnny's gonna make the championship, they got his jaw so tighten up he has to eat pussy through a straw."
―Sergio to Tony
"I make up with the best of them, man and I punch a lot harder than fucking you.""
―Sergio threatening Tony
"Are you noticing the nightclubs around here are getting queer? They're like a vegetarian's food, they're full of fruit."
―Sergio to Tony about gay clubs
"Me cago en tu tumba!."
―Sergio when attacking Tony
"Aaahhh!!! Chingate, chingate!"
―Sergio when fighting Tony
"Chupar esto, Montana!"
―Sergio when fighting with Tony
"Chingate y tu madre!"
―Sergio when attacking Tony
"Aaarggh, chingate!"
―Sergio taunting Tony
"Holy shit!"
―Sergio when ran over by car

Personality and traitsEdit

His personality was that of a boxing man, always making comments about "fights". If he visited a boxing cage, like the Bloodsport he would always be the first gang member to bet on a fight and get into an argument about it. Sergio also likes to complain about homosexuals and Johnny for some reason.


  • Sergio is one of the many gangsters in game to change voice when attacking and talking.
  • He and Johhny have some affiliations with the Bloodsport.
  • He usually has .45 Automatic or a chainsaw as a weapon.
  • I swear he has a very similar voice as me.
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