The Shark is an animal featured in the game Scarface:The World Is Yours.

Nacho's Death

Nacho Contreras is eaten by a Shark.

It appears whenever Tony swims in the sea for too long. It emerges from the water's surface and devours Tony, causing instant death. Sharks made three prominent appearances in the game, first when it devours Nacho Contreras after attempting to escape on a boat, the second when Tony helps the Macau Fast Food restaurant manager to collect shark fins and thirdly in South Beach, when you follow the end of the pier, you can find a woman swimming and being followed by a Shark, she is eaten by it off-screen.


  • The shark in this game is likely a reference to Jaws horror film.
  • If the player purchases the "Modern" decoration for the mansion, there will be a tank with a Shark in it, on the same place where the "The World Is Yours" globe would be.
  • The shark's species is the Carcharodon Carcharias, The great white shark.