Rate of fire
Reload speed
Ammo capacity
Upgrades available
Ammo price per clip

"Classic blasting power. Lacks range but doesn't require much skill to aim"

The Remington 870 Marine Magnum is a pump-action shotgun which entered production in 1951, and holds the record for being the best-selling shotgun in history. It is produced by Remington Arms Company, Inc.

In Scarface: The World Is Yours

In the game, the weapon is used by gangs and law enforcement both at the start, and toward the end of the storyline, The Skull uses this weapon during the attack on Tony's mansion as the Double Barrel Shotgun is not available, if the player doesn't take care, he will use it to execute Tony just like in the movie. It's considered a reliable piece of arsenal and is one of the Enforcer's signature weapons. The gun can be purchased at an arms dealer for $300 and ammo for $100 each clip, but is widely available throughout the game. At close range, this weapon is a 1 hit kill, but it struggles to keep up at long ranges, the player shouldn't let shotgun wielding enemies get too close. This weapon doesn't have any mods.



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