Sniper Rifle


Rate of fire
Reload speed
Ammo capacity
Upgrades available
Ammo price per clip
"Keep your distance."

The Heckler & Koch PSG1 is a German made sniper rifle which was developed in the aftermath of the Munich massacre during the 1972 Summer Olympics.

In Scarface: The World Is Yours

In the videogame the Sniper Rifle is a high caliber rifle best suited for long range combat, and is also the Assassin's main tool of the trade. It is first used during the U-Gin Shotgun Bar front mission, where Tony calls the assassin to locate and kill the manager's ex-boyfriend. Later it is used during one of the Island missions by enemy snipers. It is also used in the Coco's Lounge and Disco mission, where at least four snipers try to kill Tony at a distance, but Tony takes another Sniper and kills them. It costs $800 to get it from an arms dealer and eachp clip of ammo costs $1,000, also it has no mods.


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