Sports Fishing Boat


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 5
Reputation Points
Pilot and Three Passengers
Vehicle Type
Fishing Boat
Appears in Traffic?

The Sports Fishing Boat is a fishing boat and an Exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours.


The Sports Fishing Boat, as its name says, is a fishing boat in the game, the boat is the second largest boat, only smaller than the Yacht, it has two decks, and like the Yacht, the pilot controls it in the open top, it is unique because it can carry three passengers, unlike most vehicles in the game, it also features four fishing rods that move as you turn the boat left or right.


It is heavy and it has the second slowest boat top speed in the game, however, the top speed is not that bad and is way faster than the Fan Boat, its handling is also good for a fishing boat, the major advantage is the durability, it can withstand gunfight for long, though it's still not recommended to cruise with it in The Islands.


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